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Full time professional potter focusing on wheel-thrown functional table ware, decorative vessels and works in hand made tile.



Owner/Founder of “Bisbee Clay”, gallery representing 14 potters. 


2004- 2013

Director of Potters for Peace a U.S. based non-profit offering technical, design and marketing assistance to developing world potters as well as low-tech ceramic water filter technology. 




Clay:    Experience formulating and processing Stoneware, Porcelain and Terra-cotta clay bodies using hammer mill, homebrewed slurry mixers, dry mixers, pugmills as well as unmechanized sun-drying methods. 

In recent years I have been processing and using a local native terra-cotta clay for majolica glazed, unglazed and terra sigillata.


Forming:     Primary forming tools in my work have been the potters wheel, extruder and slab roller


Glaze:     I have created and used glazes in all temperature ranges and for all firing conditions; electric; gas; wood-fueled and salt glaze kilns with a preference for lively color when possible.


Decoration:     Techniques utilized include brushwork, slip and glaze trailing, glaze layering, terra-sigillata, air brushing and use of spray gun.


Kilns:     I have built wood and gas fueled kilns of both refractory and low temperature adobe bricks in the form of catenary arch, roman arch and flat roofed with interior car.  Extensive experience with electric kilns including building small 110v kilns.




1997-2002      Part time ceramics instructor, Cochise College, Douglas, Az.

1983-4            Ceramics instructor, Cochise College

1997-2002      Children’s summer pottery classes at “Kids in College”, Cochise College

2003               Created and carried out a weekly pottery class for an orphanage, Naco, Sonora, Mexico


International Experience:

Bi-lingual English/Spanish,

Moderate French speaking ability.


2004- 2013   Director and technical consultant with Potters for Peace

I have worked on Potters for Peace ceramic water filter projects in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, México, Laos, Peru, Ecuador, Tanzania and South Africa, as well as with artisan potters in Nicaragua. As director of Potters for Peace I worked closely with int’l. staff to carry out our program of technical assistance for developing world potters as well as our world wide work with water filters.


1988-96   Part-time work as photojournalist, creating features and covering hard news on the U.S. /Mex. border and in Mexico. Published internationally through the Gamma-Liaison agency, Reuters, DDB Stock Photos and various newspapers and magazines.


2003- Present   Property owner and part-time resident in the Mexican pottery town of Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua where I have become acquainted with their style of hand-coiled, burnished, dung fired pottery.


Work in the collections of:

 Dwight Holland

 Sherry Leedy

 Faye Dunaway

 Meryl Streep

 Jasper Johns

 Kinya Tsubuku, Tea Master, Tokyo


Architectural and other commissions:

Tile mural, Bisbee, Az. Middle School

Decorative vessels- Loew’s Ventana Canyon Resort, Tuscon, Az.

Altar vessels for three Arizona churches 

Arizona Art Educator awards 2000

Numerous handmade tile projects for; storefronts, signs, bathtub, counters, sinks, kitchens.



2005, 6 invitational

1997       “Side By Side, Couples in Ceramics”, Lill St. Gallery, Chicago

1996       “Coffee and Tea Pot Invitational”, Lill St Gallery

1995       “Fired Up”, Shemer Art Center, Phoenix, Az.

1994       Jury Award of Excellence, Southwest Arts Festival, Albuquerque

1993       “Every Object Tells A Story; Narrative Craft, USA” Arizona State University, Tempe

1992      “The Ubiquitous Bowl”, Vermont State Craft Center

1991      Best In Show, Fiesta Arts Fair, San Antonio, Texas

1991      Honorable Mention, Utah Arts Festival, Salt Lake City

1991      “Ordinary and Extraordinary Beauty”, Tempe Arts Center, Tempe, Az.

1987      “Clay and Fiber”, Octagon Arts Center, Ames Iowa

1985      “25th Own Your Own”, A.A.O. Gallery, Buffalo, N.Y.

1985      “Created by Hand”, A.A.O. Gallery, Buffalo, N.Y.



2012 Presenter at the Annual North Carolina Potters Conference.


2011 Presenter at the annual conference of the National Council for Education in the Ceramic Arts – “Green Practices in my studio and in Potters for Peace projects”. 



Oct. 1995 Subject of feature article in Ceramics Monthly magazine.


Oct. 2003 Authored an article published in Ceramics Monthly magazine on Nicaraguan pottery cooperative at Ducuale Grande. 


2008-9 Authored articles for four ceramics publications eulogizing deceased Potters for Peace staff member Ron Rivera.


2011 Authored an article published in Ceramics Technical magazine on Potters for Peace wood firing techniques.


2013 Authored an article published in Ceramics Technical magazine on changing traditions in a Mexican pottery village. 

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